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YEPI Environmental
Art Contest 2020

3rd Place: Going Places

By Olivia Tsui

Digital piece of two girls riding bikes on a bridge as a train passes by underneath

This contest focuses on bringing the community together during COVID-19 while encouraging students to use the arts to portray greenness in their lives. This contest not only helps broaden and foster contestants' understanding of sustainability but also raises awareness on climate change action. We offered 2 different categories this year: Alternative Transportation and Renewable Energy! 

Our 2020 YEPI Environmental Art Contest Winners:

Alternative Transportation Category:

AT - 1st - Cindy L.png

1st Place: Oceanic Traverser 

By Cindy Lin

The vessel is a high-speed vehicle that uses the pressure of water to move. It uses similar technology to the magnetic bullet train, where the repelling poles of the magnets effectively allow the vessel to ‘levitate’ within its tube. By flooding the tube at intervals, the force of the water forces the vessel to move. By installing this ‘closed’ tube system, less energy is used and damage that would have been caused by ships is reduced.

AT - 2nd - Michelle H.jpg

2nd Place: Cruising on a Bike 

By Michelle Hom

As a volunteer at the Peninsula Humane Society, I have seen many wonderful cats, including Meka, who my family adopted. In this artwork, I pictured Meka in a woven basket on a bike. In addition, I added a monorail, as memory from visiting Disneyworld as a child. Bikes and monorails are great alternatives to cars, and I love riding both of them.

AT - 3rd - Olivia T.png

Renewable Energy Category:

RE - 1st - Angela Z.jpg

1st Place: The Melting Globe 

By Angela Zhang

The earth is experiencing levels of warming higher than ever before. The oil, gas, and coal powering our cities put harmful gases into the atmosphere and pollute the oceans. The Melting Globe is a call for action to replace nonrenewable sources with solar panels, windmills, and other forms of renewable energy.

RE - 2nd - Cindy L.jpg

2nd Place: Methane Combustion

By Cindy Lin

Methane is used as an alternate energy source considering its minor environmental impact and availability. Using methane bacteria to break down waste creates methane which can then be purified into biomethane and when burned can produce heat energy and electricity. To be able to capture methane before it enters the atmosphere reduces the impact of climate change. Once methane is burned, it releases water and carbon dioxide, far cleaner than most fossil fuels. The bacteria that creates methane takes a long time to do so so if scientists were able to increase methane output through genetic mutation or stimulation, the methane that the bacteria produce could become a convenient energy source.

RE - 3rd - Anika A.jpg

3rd Place: Cultivating Energy

By Anika Agarwal

This artwork captures the mission to cultivate renewable energy through displaying wind turbines as growing, lively plants. Like plants in a garden, the harnessed energy of wind turbines is clean, sustainable, and represents growth and healing.

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