Environmental Justice Photo Gallery

1. Training Environmental Justice Leaders

YEPI collaborated with Monta Vista Art Club to train environmental justice leaders. Participants were taught about environmental justice and its connection to the environment and human health. YEPI distributed environmental justice articles from The YEPI Journal. Attendees decorated clay pots and were given succulents to grow on their own as well.

2. Cupertino Earth and Arbor Day 2022

YEPI taught 4000+ participants how to build sustainable bird feeders with a focus on bringing in those who may not normally be able to enjoy nature due to their socioeconomic situation. We also shared our Environmental Justice edition of The YEPI Journal along with informing participants about our petition.

3. Racial Understanding, Social Equity, and Environmental Justice Symposiums

YEPI has taught hundreds of youths about racial understanding and environmental justice through our many symposiums. We've also collaborated with West Valley Branch Library to reach a wider and more diverse range of students. YEPI also teaches youths about how to use EJSCREEN and how to develop their own EJSCREEN reports for analyzing which areas are inhabited by ethnic minorities and low-income groups and compare them to areas that have potential environmental quality problems.