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Make an impact.

Our members are given opportunities to lead or participate in a variety of sustainability projects. These projects aim to help green leaders develop their leadership skills and to inspire them to work hands-on in the community. These projects are aimed to better the environment and motivate everyone towards sustainability. Join us to start improving the environment together or use our impact project ideas to start your own project in your community. Everyone can be a changemaker.

Green Monday
Go vegan every Monday! By eating plant-based meals for a day every week, you can reduce your carbon footprint and greenhouse gases while conserving water and energy at the same time!
Create Wildlife Habitats
Are you interested in creating a welcoming environment for local wildlife? If so, this project is perfect for you! You'll get your habitat certified by the National Wildlife Federation.
Sustainability Design Thinking
Utilize a human-centered and empath approach to innovate and design projects that promote sustainability.
Growing Organic Gardens
Growing your own organic garden is fun and eco-friendly! You can grow a variety of fruits and vegetables in your backyard.
Get ready to turn your food scraps into gold! You can choose to compost or vermicompost (worm composting).
Community Cleanup
Organizing a community cleanup is a great way to make your community cleaner. This project includes cleaning up city streets, creeks, beaches, and more!
Create Green Videos
Create videos to participate in green video competitions around the world! You can promote a variety of sustainability-related topics, such as alternative transportation.
Green Lights
Using CFL or LED bulbs in your house to save energy !
Going Solar
Go talk to your stakeholders including your parents, your friends, your neighbors, your teachers, your club members, etc., about the benefits of going solar, and encourage them to get solar panels or solar roof.
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