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City of Cupertino Earth and Arbor Day Festival

Youth Environmental Power Initiative co-hosted the City of Cupertino's 2021 Virtual Earth and Arbor Day Festival! Kelly Tung and Lourdes Diaz took part in hosting the Earth & Arbor Day Speaker Series on April 24, 2021. 

Youth Environmental Power Initiative also presented a workshop at the 2021 Earth and Arbor Day Festival. YEPI Members Kelly Tung, Mira Wagner, June Wang, Avishi Trivedi, and Zehra Naqvi worked together on the "Sustainability, Inclusion, and Youth Advocacy" workshop.

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Hosts and Workshop Speakers


Engage and Empower Teens in Climate Action

Kelly Tung

Kelly Tung is currently a student at Monta Vista High School and is the President and Executive Director of Youth Environmental Power Initiative. She has worked extensively to serve the community by using her leadership skills to advocate for sustainability, inclusion, taking alternative transportation, and engaging in green legislation. She believes that age is just a number and youths can change the world.

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Youth Environmental Advocacy

June Wang

June is an Ambassador Lead at Youth Environmental Power Initiative. She strongly believes in the power of youth voices in enacting long-lasting change, actively leading and participating in community projects and initiatives herself to increase climate awareness. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, reading, and frolicking outside on sunny afternoons.

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Engage and Empower Teens in Climate Action

Mira Wagner

Mira Wagner is currently a student at Monta Vista High School and a member of the swim and water polo team. She enjoys reading, baking, and spending time at the beach in her free time. Regarding her position in Youth Environmental Power Initiative, she is the Outreach Director and feels strongly about advocating and informing the public about environmental issues.


Sustainable Meat Production

Zehra Naqvi

Zehra Naqvi is currently an eighth-grader at Kennedy Middle School. She serves as the Editorial Director for the editorial team for YEPI. Her goal is to make simple solutions for large environmental problems. She wants the youth to be more active on environmental issues as slowly they will get worse and if we don't have knowledgeable and aware youth, tomorrow our earth will not be a sustainable place to live in.

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Speaker Series Co-Host with Kelly Tung

Lourdes Diaz

Lourdes Diaz is currently a sophomore at Monta Vista High School and the Secretary General of Youth Environmental Power Initiative. Lourdes enjoys drawing both digital and traditional art in her free time. She is passionate about solving environmental issues by advocating for green solutions and she is committed to making our planet a sustainable, clean, and healthy place. 

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Inclusion and Environmental Advocacy

Avishi Trivedi

Avishi Trivedi is a sophomore at Silver Creek High School and a technology director at YEPI. She is passionate about equity and getting rid of structural injustices to give everyone a fair and equal chance. Avishi enjoys coding and participates in various hackathons and teaches others about programming. She wants to help make the future a better place for current and upcoming generations.

Sustainability, Inclusion, and Youth Advocacy Workshop Summary

Youth Environmental Power Initiative (YEPI) is excited to talk about sustainability, inclusion, and youth advocacy. Empowering teens to engage and stay involved in combatting climate change is more important now than ever and YEPI aims to spread awareness for sustainability and environmental justice, promote alternative transportation and safe biking and walking, and lead future leaders to fight against climate change and make positive changes for our environment. This workshop will address how youth advocacy plays a significant role in passing environmental legislation and enacting lasting changes on the environment. We hope to spread awareness about relevant climate issues and solutions. One such green topic is environmental justice; it impacts the environment and the living conditions of our planet, protecting people from health hazards, leading to a safe, stable, and equitable planet. We’ll also address the detrimental effects of meat production and identify solutions that can alleviate our carbon footprint. Join our workshop to come together and learn how to protect our planet and our environment.

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