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Advocacy Through Art

YEPI has continued to inspire youths to create change and advocate for climate action through art. Our innovative approach consists of combining environmental advocacy with the arts to better engage the youth within our community.

8th Annual Cupertino Fall Bike Festival

YEPI partnered with the City of Cupertino and Cupertino Safe Routes to School to host the 8th Annual Cupertino Fall Bike Festival. During the festival, YEPI inspired more than many people to utilize the arts to advocate for sustainable transportation and green infrastructure.

Screen Shot 2021-11-16 at 5.55.46 PM.png

Regnart Creek Trail Wall Mural

Participants colored a beautiful wall mural to illustrate their vision of the Regnart Creek Trail and their aspirations for it.

Screen Shot 2021-11-16 at 5.57.57 PM.png

Bike Prayer Flags

Participants created prayer flags to decorate the Bike Festival with their dreams of biking and the environment!

Screen Shot 2021-11-16 at 5.56.52 PM.png

Bike Bells Distribution

YEPI distributed more than 100 bike bells to young kids who visited the bike festival to promote biker safety. 

DSC_1429 (1).JPG

Mini Bikes from Recycled Materials

Participants created mini, ornamental bikes from recycled materials, such as used bottle caps!

YEPI Environmental Art Contest 2020

By choosing environmental themes of renewable energy and alternative transportation, the contest was a creative approach to inspire youths to research environmentalism and foster their understanding of sustainability. The contest encouraged contestants to utilize their artistry to portray the greenness in their lives and raise awareness for climate action. 

AT - 1st - Cindy L.png

Oceanic Traverser

RE - 1st - Angela Z.jpg

The Melting Globe

AT - 2nd - Michelle H.jpg

Cruising on a Bike

RE - 2nd - Cindy L.jpg

Methane Combustion

AT - 3rd - Olivia T.png

Going Places

RE - 3rd - Anika A.jpg

Cultivating Energy

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