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Regnart Creek Trail

YEPI Executive Members Kelly Tung, Jasmine Varma, Lourdes Diaz, June Wang, and Juliet Shearin voiced their full support for the Regnart Creek Trail at the City Council meeting on November 17th, 2020, where the construction of the Regnart Creek Trail went to vote.


Prior to this City Council meeting, Executive Director Kelly Tung had already brought a group of students from the JFK Green Commuters, a program that she founded to promote alternative transportation in John F. Kennedy middle school, to the Cupertino City Council meeting on August 21, 2018, where the Regnart Creek Trail initially went to vote. Over the course of the next two years, Kelly continued to advocate for the Regnart Creek Trail at other City Council meetings and Cupertino Union School District Board meetings until the trail was finally approved.

Regnart Creek Trail is a trail designed to connect the city library, parks, and the city center to several high schools in the City of Cupertino. This trail will increase safety for people who walk and bike and promote alternative transportation as a whole in Cupertino, resulting in a decrease in cars on the road and carbon emissions. It will be a great way to motivate both residents to exercise and students to walk or bike to school safely and socially, which would make the community become more sustainable and connected in an enjoyable and healthier manner.


Our support made an impact and the Regnart Creek Trail was passed! The City Council voted unanimously to move the Regnart Creek Trail forward and the trail was finally approved for construction without another delay. Youth Environmental Power Initiative contributed to the development and implementation of a sustainable infrastructure in the City of Cupertino that would benefit the environment and community.

Youth Environmental Power Initiative promotes teen engagement in legislation and advocacy to help make a cleaner and healthier environment. We have positively affected the community and environment through legislative advocacy.


Our advocacy has significantly improved the quality of life for about 

60,000 Cupertino residents

and has helped build a happier, safer, and cleaner city.

Hear our Youth Environmental Power Initiative Executive Members speak at the City Council meeting!


Kelly Tung - 2:00:31     

Jasmine Varma - 2:02:32    

Lourdes Diaz - 2:06:54    

June Wang - 2:23:37    

Juliet Shearin - 2:44:52

Start the video at the given times to hear each member's speech!

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