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YEPI Work Plan

As climate activists, we believe both individual and group projects are critical to combating global warming. We can definitely lead the climate change movement from an educational and engaging perspective.

Here are projects that we have worked on:

(1) Video Creation

By utilizing digital art, animation, videos to raise awareness of alternative transportation, composting, and lowering greenhouse emissions, we believe that we can deliver a strong message and create a positive impact. Our target audience is teens and utilizing videos is a fun, effective, and powerful way to educate youths about environmental issues and sustainability. We believe this will help youths develop and carry green habits into adulthood. 

(2) YEPI Sustainability Summit

We engage and empower students to be advocates of fighting climate change, finding climate change solutions, developing ideas for effective climate policies, and making an influence on climate change. 

(3) YEPI Environmental Art Contest

This contest focuses on bringing the community together during COVID-19 while encouraging students to use the arts to portray greenness in their lives. This contest not only helps broaden and foster contestants' understanding of sustainability but also raise awareness on climate change action. Students submit their artwork online.

(4) YEPI Newsletters 

Our newsletters include green information such as tips on being green, renewable energy, water conservation, preventing pollution, fighting climate change, and more. Our goal for this newsletter is to spark people's interest in environmental issues, educate them about how they can join the fight against climate change, and encourage them to speak up and take action.

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