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Fun with Going Green 

Youth Environmental Power Initiative develops and empowers young sustainability leaders through workshops, education, community engagement, environmental advocacy, service-learning, STEAM, and project-based learning. We educate youths about the impacts of climate change on our environment and the importance of lowering greenhouse emissions. We motivate youths to advocate for sustainability and encourage them to develop green habits such as using clean energy, composting, taking alternative transportation, recycling, saving water and energy, and planting trees. We spark innovation in youths, advance their problem-solving skills, and help them create solutions to fight climate change. We firmly believe that empathy and inclusion are essential traits for sustainability leaders and we stand in solidarity against injustice, racism, and inequality. We inspire youths to raise their voices and take action.

Learning about sustainability and green solutions such as alternative transportation helps students develop environmental awareness, environmental stewardship, and environmental consciousness.

(1) We teach students about renewable energy and utilize hands-on activities incorporating science, technology, and engineering to educate, design, and demonstrate how clean and renewable energy works.

(2) We teach students about alternative transportation and how traveling green benefits our environment. We introduce them to various resources, such as Safe Routes To School, so they can go green and give back to their environment in their everyday lives.

(3) We teach students how to compost and start an organic garden at home. In addition,  compost can be your great fertilizer, and ladybugs and earthworms can be your important helpers for your amazing organic garden.

(4) Do you want to learn how to test water quality such as nitrates, lead and pH levels?  We teach students how to test water quality.  It's important to monitor water quality; good water quality has positive impacts on our environment and public health.   


(5) We educate youths about the importance of empathy, inclusion and diversity, and environmental justice is an important topic and goal for youths to learn about.

You can become a sustainability leader by attending our workshops, events and training sessions, participating in our impact projects, subscribing to our YEPI journals and YouTube channels, and apply for our ambassadors.  Our planet is facing many environmental issues, and we need to resolve them and protect our environment.  We are running out of time to save our earth, and we need to act now before the damage becomes irreversible.  We can save our planet and make a lasting impact.  

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