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Environmental Justice Photo Gallery

America's long history of racism must come to an end. No matter your skin color, ethnicity, income, or beliefs, you are accepted, included, and welcomed. Our society should embrace our differences and recognize the beauty of diversity. So what can our generation of youths do to make a change? Here are some of the many ways that you can join the movement:

1. Join our Environmental Justice Leadership Training Programs.

Through these trainings, YEPI helps participants become changemakers by empowering them to take climate actions and enact legislative advocacy. YEPI advocates against the inequity that exists in minority and low socioeconomic communities in terms of environmental problems. We also significantly incorporate EJSCREEN in our curricula because it can break down communities and correlate corresponding issues in the environment.

2. Fight for Mobility Justice and Transportation Equity.

Mobility and transportation justice are often overlooked, but they are both critical human rights. Low socioeconomic and ethnic minorities are often more likely to experience income disparities, which means that they usually have to take active transportation because they cannot afford a vehicle. As such, YEPI wants to ensure that all pedestrians and bikers feel included and safe on the road. Join us to advance green infrastructures and fight for safe walking and biking. For example, we successfully advocated for the creation of the Regnart Creek Trail, which improved the quality of life for about 60,000 Cupertino residents!

3. Attend our Racial Understanding, Social Equity, and Environmental Justice Symposiums.

Many people are not aware of the links between climate change and racism. In these symposiums, YEPI discusses the intersection of the two topics. We also encourage participants to share how they cope with various racially-motivated acts of violence, followed by brainstorming solutions to overcoming racial and social discrimination. Ultimately, our symposiums provide a safe place for teens to embrace their identities and celebrate their diversity.

4. Join our booths and workshops to interact with our hands-on, environmental justice activities.

These interactive activities help foster understanding and empathy in a creative manner. You can learn about different environmental and racial issues while also designing and working on a project of your own! YEPI has already had thousands of youths participate in these activities!