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Carmen Bridge

Youth Environmental Power Initiative fully endorses the Carmen Bridge Project and we are actively working with Walk-Bike Cupertino to get the project approved by the Cupertino City Council.


The Carmen Bridge project includes building a bridge over Stevens Creek Blvd, where thousands of cars drive through each day. This bridge serves as a safer connector which will allow over 500 students to get to school safely by walking or biking. Additionally, the implementation of this project will greatly reduce traffic congestion on roads and lead to less traffic at schools as well. This piece of sustainable infrastructure will not only provides enhanced access to parks but ultimately, help build a greener, cleaner, and safer city.

As one of our missions is to advocate for environmental policies and infrastructures in the community, it's no surprise that YEPI has already taken steps to make Carmen Bridge a reality. Many of our members have already signed the Carmen Bridge petition and we highly encourage youths in the community to sign it as well! Another step that we have been encouraging people to do is to send an email to the city council to ask for their support in implementing this project. You can find email templates here.

Kelly Tung, the President and Executive Director of YEPI, has been actively working with Walk-Bike Cupertino to gain support for the project. Kelly took a bicycle tour of the MV Bike Boulevard and the Carmen Bridge site with Walk-Bike Cupertino executive members Byron Rovegno and Helene Davis on March 14th, 2021. She presented in front of Monta Vista High School's PTSA on March 23rd, 2021, with Jian He, another executive board member of Walk-Bike Cupertino, and was able to get MV PTSA to approve and endorse the Carmen Bridge project. Kelly Tung, Byron Rovegno, and Jian He communicated with Deb Feng (Cupertino City Manager) and Roger Lee (Director of Cupertino Public Works) about moving forward with the project on April 5th, 2021.

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