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Blaney Class IV Bike Lanes

Youth Environmental Power Initiative fully supports the Blaney Class IV Bike Lanes and we sent a letter of support for the City of Cupertino's grant application for a study of separated bikeways on Blaney Rd.


Blaney Class IV Bike Lanes calls for separated bike lanes along Blaney Ave, from Homestead Rd to Bollinger Rd, in order to enhance biking for riders in the community. This area is rich with schools, parks, and public facilities, and would create a needed north-south bikeway in the area. The project was ranked as Tier II in Cupertino’s 2016 Bicycle Transportation Plan and Blaney Rd is also identified as a priority corridor in VTA’s Countywide Bicycle Plan.

Blaney Road serves three schools and is close to several parks but is often highly congested. Creating a safe and comfortable bicycle connection on Blaney Rd will improve safety for current student bikers and encourage even more students to bike to school. The Blaney Rd Separated Bikeway Project would serve many areas in the community, including City Hall, Cupertino Library, and Regnart Creek Trail.

Youth Environmental Power Initiative has been in touch with Chris Carrao, the Senior Transit & Transportation Planner in Cupertino Public Works, regarding this project and we have sent a letter of support for the Blaney Rd Separated Bikeway Project.

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