Our Story

Our team initially started our sustainability projects at Monta Vista High School in Cupertino, California and we received the grant from Silicon Valley Clean Energy during this initial stage. Our advisor is Mr. Kenneth Gan and he is an AP Environmental Science & Biology teacher at Monta Vista High School.


Our team has kept growing and as a result, we decided to turn our youth-led team into a nonprofit, community organization. Now, we not only have many ambassadors and members from different schools in the Bay Area, but also from different states and countries as well. 

Our Mission

Combat Climate Change, Raise Awareness, Environmental Education, Environmental Justice,
Environmental Advocacy, Safe Walking and Biking, Develop and Empower Future Sustainability Leaders

The urgency for climate change education is more important now than ever. The mission of the Youth Environmental Power Initiative is to raise awareness for sustainability and environmental justice,  promote alternative transportation and safe biking and walking, and inspire teens to find their voice and take action. We develop and empower future sustainability leaders through project-based learning, education, service-learning, community engagement, innovative research, and environmental advocacy. We educate youths about the importance of fighting climate change and lowering greenhouse emissions. We also encourage them to use renewable and clean energy, take alternative transportation, compost, and carry green habits into adulthood. We engage and empower students to be advocates of fighting climate change and finding innovative climate solutions.

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